Tips to Purchasing Home Appliance Essentials

When it comes to your home’s kitchen, most homeowners think about the big three: the refrigerator, stove/oven, and dishwasher. These are big ticket items that also undergo a great deal of wear and tear over the years. That is why you want to make sure you do your research and take time to consider all extraneous factors when choosing your Westchester home appliances. Below are 5 tips to keep in mind when venturing out to purchase appliances for your home.

appliance tips 3Determine Your Needs

Before beginning any product search you should first make a checklist and determine your home and personal needs. Just because an item is on sale or the lowest price in town, doesn’t mean it will meet all of your requirements. Remember appliances aren’t a one size fits all kind of purchase. If you live alone and have a smaller confined space you most likely don’t need the industrial size version of everything. That is why it is important to measure the space in your home so you can eliminate appliances that won’t fit. In addition, make a list of your must have features in home appliances such as whether they are gas or electric powered. This will help you narrow down your product choices.

Do Your Homework

Use the convenience and knowledge of the internet to your advantage. There are hundreds of review sites where customers leave their feedback on the satisfaction of their purchase. Combine the information you find online with word of mouth advice from your families and friends that have had more years of experience with appliance and home ownership. There are also a number of professional product reviews and testing organizations such as Good Housekeeping which can be a strong resource tools for buyers.

It’s Not All about the Looks

Remember the classic expression; don’t judge a book by its cover? Well, this is something that applies 100% to home appliances. Don’t be lured by the bright, shiny, and new refrigerator. Make sure it has the function and longevity you are looking for. Just because the appliance is described as the latest and greatest, it may not be so. With this logic, never make an impulse buy. Following the previous tip of making a checklist of non-negotiables will help you determine the best appliance for your home. If possible, bring a shopping buddy with you that can keep you on track if you start being swayed by that persuasive salesperson.

Read the Fine Print and Prepare Yourself for Repairs

Know that home appliances, like any other type of machinery, require regular maintenance and repairs. Make sure you are prepared for future appliance repairs and the costs that come along with it. Call your local appliance repair company and ask about the average annual appliance maintenance cost. This is one item that will accumulate costs over the years far beyond the sticker price. Knowing that going in will help you to make the best long-term decision. Reading the fine print and operating your home appliance according to manufacturer instructions is the best way to avoid improperly using your refrigerator, dishwasher, or oven.

Don’t Be Afraid to Haggle

This is when you bring all of your research to the table. Create a personal e-mail for the sole purpose of signing up for company mailing lists. This is when companies will send you coupons, special offers, and sale notifications. Always wait for that sale! If you find a competing company with a lower price, bring it to the sales person’s attention. Make sure you bring in visible proof of the competing price. Often times, appliance dealers will match or offer a lower price to get you to purchase from them over the competition. Lastly, if you are offered an extended warranty don’t fall for it. A majority of the time warranties don’t actually cover as much that was verbally promised. There are companies that specialize in repairing appliances when and if they do break. You shouldn’t have to pay for something until you really need it.

Choosing the Right Roofing Shingles

Similar to many home improvement projects, a huge part of the final product has to do with what you put into it. I’m of course talking about the materials used for the project. Too many times I have seen high quality craftsmanship negated by the use of budget materials that are both not as attractive and won’t last as long and more high performance home improvement products.

What Shingle Characteristics to Look For

efficient roofing shingles by InspireWhen it comes to roofing, the type of shingles you use is all important. But there are certain characteristics you should look out for in a material your roofing contractor will be using. That said; you should always do some research in the product line to be installed on your home before you hire anyone to do the work. I did this through researching the contractor’s website I chose at before I even called them for a price estimate.

Why Quality Roofing Products Should be a Priority

First and foremost, a roof is designed to protect your home, so you need a shingle that is tough and weather resistant. These days, most composite shingles typically have the highest performance over things like slate or asphalt.

Insulation is a bigger factor than you might think for roofing products as well. Your contractor will be able to tell you the ratings for their insulation qualities. Because heat rises, much more heat is lost in the winter though your roof than anywhere else. A well-insulated roof will help keep you warm much more affordably.

Don’t Wait for a Fix

Because a new roof or even just roofing shingles is such a high cost improvement, don’t settle for shingles that are not pleasing to the eye. The inspire roofing company and a few other high quality brands have some samples you can look though online ranging from composite slate to shake and many other mixes of colors.

A solid roof is well worth the investment because it protects your home from the elements and keeps it insulated. Its up to you to choose the best product matching your needs and budget.

Appliance Fix for an Old Home

My wife and I have always enjoyed the classic style of a historic home. And even though we knew they do come with their share of problems from age mostly including maintenance issues, we got together and decided on an older house when it was time to buy our first home. In the first few months we already knew we had our work cut out for us. The crown molding needed to be replaced and almost every room needed a new paint job.

newly fixed applianceWe knew going into it that we would be roughing it a little bit at first seeing as most rooms in the home were a workzone. However, one thing we can’t live without is a refrigerator and appliances that worked. Thankfully, the appliances were not nearly as old as the home and were actually not bad except a few of them like refrigerator and dryer were not working. The fridge wouldn’t get down to the right temperature and the dryer would not work at all.

Because our money was spread so thin on all the different home improvement projects we knew we couldn’t afford to buy new appliances just yet. So after a friend told me about Mr. Appliance, I went to their official website in Houston for the local service man and scheduled an appointment. I figured I didn’t have anything to lose and would later be happy with my decision. Just the next day they were able to diagnose the problems, making our new home functional. Now we can focus on our painting and remodeling work.

Plumbing & Remodeling a Home

Plumbing Overhaul In Manchester NH with Mr. Rooter

Time to think outside of the box, after all – we are trying to cover home remodeling and design ideas that aren’t quite as obvious as what most other people think of, or at least as far as we’ve covered so far.  One commonly overlooked remodeling and design idea that many of us overlook – simply because we aren’t plumbers – is overhauling your piping and plumbing system in your home to be more modern and favorable for how you use it.  Okay, what exactly am I talking about here?  Read on and find out how Mr. Rooter of New Hampshire can provide a more modern plumbing system in your home, and make future remodeling and design projects easier to handle..

Remodel your.. plumbing??narrative_apol2

Yep, when it comes to any common remodeling project, or changing the way your home, kitchen, or bathroom looks and feels – one thing we never really think about is the existing plumbing in our homes.  In fact, often times our projects and the things we decide to are actually limited by our already in place plumbing system, and most of us shy away from redoing the system all together.  Well that’s not a very good reason to turn down your dream kitchen, or the bathroom in your fantasies from becoming a reality now is it?

Why consider it to begin with

imagesFirst and foremost, the goal with remodeling and redesigning a home is focused ultimately as an investment and should in the end bring added value to your home.  This way, nothing is really lost as far as the cost of the investment goes, and is easily recoverable.  One thing many of us don’t think about is just how old are plumbing system really is.  How old the pipes are, and how inefficient the system that was originally designed and installed over 30 years ago actually is.  With a bit of effort, money, and time from Mr. Rooter of New Hampshire, you can easily overcome this problem – and before you know it could have a much, much more valuable home and plumbing system.

It may not seem like an actual remodeling or design idea – but the important part is that it lifts the limitations that you would otherwise abide by for your future remodeling and design projects that you may one day decide to indulge in.  Either way, Mr. Rooter can help!

Commonly Overlooked Ideas: Window Tinting

Window Tinting by Tint Works in Asheville NC

residential_window_tintWhen thinking of remodeling and home design projects, one of the most overlooked projects is having the windows of your home tinted.  Window tinting in a residential or commercial building may not have as grand an impact as remodeling of a kitchen or basement, but in the end it offers a more pleasing, more relaxing experience for the occupants.  If you live in Hendersonville or Asheville NC, then you are lucky enough to have one of 3M’s authorized distributers in your backyard, Tint Works    – and they are more than happy to install window tint to any of your home or businesses windows with just a simple phone call!

Window Tinting Benefits

Not only is it something that improves the comfort level of a home, it also carries with it the power to reduce the consumption of IMG00322-20110406-1301energy – in turn saving the homeowner more and more money with time – as well as improving the lifespan of your furnishings and reducing wear and tear on things like paint and carpeting.  It can reduce the glare on various technological devices such as TV’s and Computer Screens, and creates a more consistent temperature throughout the environment.  The benefits can be seemingly endless!  Let’s highlight the most important ones.

tv_glareGlare Reduction

Ever noticed how during certain periods of the day, using a TV or computer is pretty much a waste of time – all thanks to the sun?  You’re not alone, but thankfully with the wonderful advances that 3M has made over the past decade, and with the help of outstanding companies like Tint Works, you can eliminate this hassle all together.  No longer will you need to close the blinds just to watch the game on Sunday!

Fade Prevention

Now, this one may be a little difficult to notice – at least at first!  All it takes, is for you to shuffle your furniture around and expose a section of carpeting or wall that hasn’t been in direct sunlight for an extended period of time.  It may look like that carpet section is still brand new – and for good reason, it hasn’t had the harmful rays of light, known as Ultraviolet Radiation, to destroy the appearance and fade the color of your once beautiful surroundings.  Go ahead and take a look for yourself, behind that couch that sits directly in front of your sun rooms windows will lie a section of your home that has yet to be destroyed by the sun!

Energy Conservation


Probably the best selling benefit of window tint, and often the main reason homeowners tend to invest their hard earned money in the project to begin with is the reduction of cost associated with cooling, and even heating a home.  By blocking out the UV light that is responsible for exciting atoms, and causing them to vibrate and ‘heat up’ you are making sure that the temperature in your home stays cool and constant.  A great example of this, is noticing ‘hot spots’ which are often most noticeable during the winter, in rooms that receive a greater amount of sunlight than others.  By keeping this effect out of your home, you are lowering the work required by your HVAC unit to keep things cool significantly, and consequently lowering the cost of your monthly electric bill as well.

The Perfect Home Remodeling Idea: Granite Countertops

Granite Countertops from Granite Source in Alexandria VA


When it comes to remodeling and redesign ideas, one topic that is often overlooked yet often the apple of everyone’s eye is the incorporation of Granite Countertops into their kitchen and home.  It not only adds immense curb appeal and value to your home, it also transforms your once dingy and unsettling kitchen into a chef’s haven – allowing you to comfortably use it the way any kitchen should be used.  Not only does Granite offer a new look and feel that everyone in your neighborhood will cherish and want for their own, it also makes things much easier to keep clean, and lasts for a much longer time than any other traditional surface available to date.   As a resident in Alexandria VA, there is no one better to consult for Granite Countertops – for both fabrication and installation – than that of Granite Source.

The Many Benefits of Granite


When it comes to granite, the obvious improvement is the look and feel that it brings to any home or kitchen.  To date, the majority of major publications and magazines that focus on renovations, remodeling, and just outright beautiful homes and kitchens feature granite in some way, shape, or form.  The most common featuring of Granite comes with kitchens, in the form of countertops – and there’s a perfectly good reason for it.

granite1Easily Kept Clean

This is for those of you that have children running around, like many of us.  When it comes to a kitchen, the most common problem that lurks on every surface is bacteria – and some surfaces allow for it survive and even thrive much more than others.  Fortunately, with granite as your surface material for countertops, you won’t have to worry about bacteria hanging around to make you and your children ill any longer.  The fact is, granite simply just does not provide the environment that is favorable for bacteria to thrive – chemically speaking, the molecular structure just isn’t porous enough for most forms of bacteria to survive, which is an exceptionally good thing!

Easily Maintained

So long as you don’t let your children run around the kitchen, wildly swinging a hammer around, then you shouldn’t have a problem maintaining the look and beauty of your Granite Countertops.  Most often, brand new granite surfaces tend to stay brand new in appearance, especially when properly maintained.  All it takes is a mild detergent and warm water to keep it clean, and it’s recommended that certain liquids and solutions are properly cleaned up immediately to avoid staining.  Even if you manage to stain your surface, then don’t worry.  It’s common practice to have it restored, and stain removal is commonly offered by many companies – including Granite Source!

Home Remodeling Ideas in Richmond VA

What Can The Carpentry & Painting Experts do for you?

When it comes to remodeling a home, there are plenty of things that you can do – or better yet, you can hire someone to do.  For those of you that are in Richmond, VA and looking for the perfect remodeling contractor or handyman to get some work done to your home, I really recommend checking out The Carpentry & Painting Experts of Richmond VA.  They have some great ideas and when it comes to high quality workmanship, they can’t be beat.  Just to show an example of some of the things they can help you with, and in turn improve your home with, check out the simple ideas and improvement projects below!

Painting Overhaulpaint

Have you gotten tired of the pain in and outside of your home?  If it’s starting to fade, look old or you are just plain tired of staring at the same nasty yellow tinted wall that has been there for a decade, then maybe it’s the perfect time to refresh the look and feel of your home with a fresh paint scheme.  Not only will this add value to your home, it will also improve the look, feel, and comfort level that it offers you – all are very important for a homeowner and their family!


bathroomBathroom Remodeling

Nothing can really change the way you view your home like a brand new bathroom can. If you are tired of the same nasty tub, the ugly vinyl flooring, and the old and beaten up vanity cabinet then maybe you should redo your bathroom with a new modern look and appeal.  Things like addition of tile, a shower enclosure, a new lighting scheme, and even a wall sized mirror can drastically improve the look and feel – not to mention the elegance – that a bathroom can offer.

Basement Remodelingbasementremodel

Are you tired of your basement being, well a basement?  Then maybe it’s time to redo it all together.  You can have drywall added and insulation placed where necessary, redo the cement floor and having a nice, wooden floor added on top of it.  Paint it and properly wire the walls so that you have outlets for a TV, stereo, and a computer, add some furniture and before you know it you have  an amazing new room that is better than any other existing room in your home.  It’s easy to do, and with The Carpentry & Painting Experts its even easier!

Making your Home Improvement Reality

When thinking about home improvement ideas and design it is best to find a local contractor in your area that can complete all of the projects that you want completed. A lot of new home buyers want to overhaul their new homes all at once so that it is out of the way and there is not constant construction going on in their home for long periods of time. It can be difficult to come up with a vision of how you want your home to look so I have come up with a few ideas that you can you use to create inspiration for the new look of your residence.


By picking up a few home design magazines you will be able to see what the new design ideas are for homes. There are so many different kinds of home improvement magazines that you can find at your local grocery or book store. By going through these articles you can find the right look for your home and you will be one step further to giving your home the look you have always imagined.

Hire a Designer

While some of us lack the creative design you can find many local designers in your area that can assist in giving your home the unique look and design that fits your family. This may be a more expensive way about improving your home but you will gain your money’s worth because interior designers are trained to help in these kinds of situations. They will come up with the ideas rather than you trying to figure it out for yourself.

Contractor’s Opinion

While your contractor may not know what color scheme or fabric pattern to go with they will be able to help you design the rooms you are remodeling. With a simple consultation they could draw up some plans to show you the layout of a new room or addition. They will be able to provide dimensions and make sure that all projects are done in concordance with your city’s building laws. If you are looking for a great Northern VA contractor who could assist with any of your home improvement projects then I suggest visiting Metropolitan Contractor’s website at Remember to take your time with designing and planning your home because it is a large investment and you only want to do it once.

New Rugs or Professional Cleaning?

Rugs are a great accent to any room. If you are a homeowner you probably have at least a few of them in your home. But do you know what you need to do to properly clean and maintain them? If they have not been properly maintained in the past you may be up in the air on whether you need new rugs or if a professional cleaning can restore them.

professionally cleaned oriental rug living roomIf you are frugal like me, I would highly recommend having them looked at to see if they can be restored. Even if rugs are extremely dirty or have suffered through water damage or even pet urine they can often still be restored by Chem-dry rug cleaning. One tip is to look at the underside of the rugs to see if the stain has traveled all the way to the backing underneath. These stains are much harder to get out especially if they are wide spread.

When you shop around you will see how much less expensive it is to have any oriental or area rug cleaned rather than paying for new ones. This is especially true for more expensive Persian or large area rugs. When you take care of the things around your home and you will most likely be happier and save money in the long run.

Storm Door Benefits

Home improvement projects encompass a large variety of great projects. One of these great projects is replacing or repairing the window glass on your storm door. Storm doors go through a lot of damage throughout there years from pets scratching the glass, feet kicking the window, and the external weather environment. The benefits of having a storm door in optimal working capacity can provide the follow benefits: increased security, energy efficiency, and curb appeal. If you ever find yourself in need of great glass repair or replacement then I would highly suggest calling Glass Doctor, because of their professional expertise and their out of this world customer service. But let’s see what the benefits of having an optimal operating storm door are.

Increased Security

By having an addition door and locking mechanism for entry into a home will dramatically increase security. This will make it more difficult for felons breaking into your home and keep out unwanted guests. Not only will storm doors add more security from the human element but they will also provide protection from the external weather environment and animals. The glass will prevent outdoor fury critters from entering your home and keep rain and hail from damaging your entry door.

Energy efficiency

By having additional insulation from the weather elements your heating and air conditioning system will not have to work as hard to keep your home at a constant temperature. Most homeowners have a screen door but the mesh will not help insulate your home because of the air flow through the screen. By having a storm door you will be able to allow more light into your home without losing the energy efficiency of your HVAC systems.

Curb Appeal

Storm doors are an attractive home improvement for most potential home buyers. It adds an additional style to your main entry way. You can think of it as putting your entry door in a window frame for all to view from the outside. Since storm doors have originated the public community has been wanting to install them to increase the look of their home. By having an optimal functioning storm door you can experience all of these three main benefits.